The 27th International Conference of Operators and Users of the Satellite Communications Network of the Russian Federation

55 Years in Orbit: New Challenges & New Solutions

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Dear Colleagues
Russian Satellite Communications Company is inviting you to the 27th international conference of operators and users of satellite communication network of Russia — SАTCOMRUS 2022. The conference will take place in Moscow on 27 October 2022.

This year will see the 55th anniversary of the Russian operator, RSCC, and of the national satellite communication and broadcasting industry, too. In 1967, the country's first television satellite distribution network began operating. More than half a century later, satellite continues to play a key role in providing people with access to all the digital services and communications they need, even in the most remote regions that have no other alternative. But today the industry faces unprecedented challenges: on the one hand, the pressure of the NGSO systems and market restructuring, on the other hand, the current state of the global economy and the tense global situation. These changes also give the industry new incentives to develop. The main topic of SATCOMRUS 2022 will be "55 Years in Orbit: New Challenges & New Solutions". The main focus will be on the need for technological sovereignty, as well as the development of national satellite production and ground equipment market.

At the conference experts will discuss how to change operator strategies in view of the global transformation of the industry and how to adapt business models of satellite service providers to the new economic conditions. Special attention will be paid to the development of advanced satellite television services, Internet services on ships, as well as high-precision positioning for the development of agriculture.

In SATCOMRUS 2022 will welcome representatives of federal and regional authorities, executives of satellite operators, telecom companies and digital services platforms, broadcasters, system integrators, leading manufacturers of communications satellites and telecommunications equipment, experts of financial institutions and insurance companies, as well as analysts and journalists.

Looking forward to seeing you among partners and participants of SATCOMRUS 2022!

RSCC is kindly assisted by Cifrodinamika LLC in coordinating administrative and technical arrangements for the conference.


Topics for discussion:
  • Changing operator business models in view of the global transformation of the industry
  • Coexistence of multi-orbital systems
  • National satellite manufacturing and technological sovereignty
  • Space risks: insurance paradigm shift
Plenary session: Future of satellite industry in new economic reality: strategy, business, technologies
Plenary discussion
Satellite operators: Business in new conditions
Topics for discussion:
  • Media content delivery and TV development outlooks: affordable satellite television for the public
  • Maritime Internet services
  • Equipping public areas with satellite access to the Internet
  • Outlooks for the development of the subscriber base of individual satellite Internet access
Topics for discussion:
  • Problems and prospects of development of satellite communication networks in Russia
  • The needs of the Russian satellite communications market for modem equipment, import substitution
  • Satellite technologies for agricultural development
Outlooks of the Russian satellite equipment market


satcomrus awards

The award ceremony for the laureates of the prestigious SATCOMRUS AWARDS in the field of satellite communications took place as part of the XXVII international conference of operators and users of the satellite communications network of the Russian Federation "SatComRus 2022".